Hear What Other Costumers Think:

"When my wife showed me this bottle of Emanuel's Elixir, I rolled my eyes. "Great, another goofy thing to waste money on," was my first thought. I am Jewish, by the way. It only took one dropper for me to know this was different. Wonderfully different. The sensations of the ingredients in my mouth, the taste, and the actual feelings I got, made me realize I may have jumped the gun on judging this product. All that to say, I seriously like these products. They work! I had the pleasure of meeting Emanuel at a demo a few weeks after my wife tricked me into really liking his product, and guess what? I really liked him too."- Howard G., Santa Rosa, CA

"My man and I have been using your elixirs. They are great. He loves to take the Boner Toner before sexy time. It helps him really get passionate about it. I took the lady one and woke up in the middle of the night and basically raped him;) They have been fun and work well."- Anna, Boulder, CO

"Emanuel's Elixirs have been a wonderful boost to my wife and my intimate playtime. They enhance our mood and keep us playful. Try 'em you'll like 'em"- Gary, Santa Rosa, CA

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