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Emanuel’s Elixirs are used to celebrate love and intimacy with herbal aphrodisiacs. The ultimate aphrodisiac is seeing the desire in your lover's eyes. With our herbal remedies and aphrodisiacs you can increase your desire for your lover. Our love potion can support you and your partner’s emotional and physical well-being that in-turn will be expressed by your sexual appetite for each other. Our herbal supplements will provide:

Emotional support: The fast-acting aphrodisiacs are non-gender specific and effectively ease your mood so you can easily slip into the arousal process. Our elixirs produce a heightened feeling of elation and relaxation in the present moment and can enhance your sense of pleasure.

Physical support: The aphrodisiac tonics are formulated to address underlying conditions such as low body vitality, lack of libido and poor circulation. Contrary to our fast-acting aphrodisiacs, the tonics provide precise targeting and need to be taken over a period of time and are gender specific to support sexual vitality.

Elixirs are a clear, sweet-flavored liquid used for medicinal or magical purposes. It can be taken orally and is capable of curing one's illnesses and thought to prolong life indefinitely. Emanuel’s Elixirs are blend of hand selected herbal extracts.

Aphrodisiacs come from the Greek goddess Aphrodite, who was the goddess of sexuality and love. Aphrodisiacs are substances used to increase sexual desires. At our natural aphrodisiacs store, we sell only all natural, herbal and vegan/vegetarian aphrodisiacs for your pleasure.

If you have any questions about our aphrodisiac ayurvedic herbs store, please email us, we’re happy to help!

Celebrate love and intimacy... Be playful, it feels good.

men and women love potion for sexual arousal enhance sense of pleasure leading to better orgasm
Awakening Aphrodisiac
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